Kundalini yoga – Definition and Benefits

Definition of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a synthesis of many different types of yoga, and is practised through poses and postures compiled with breathing technics. Kundalini yoga practise is accessible to beginners and basic poses have several benefits for both the body and the mind.

The original Sanskrit word ‘Kundalini’ represents the “spiritual force situated within the spine”, generally, the Kundalini force is visualized as a coiled serpent. The practice of this yoga form is meant to uncoil chakras in our spine through different poses, according to the Vedic concept, chakras are sources of energy travel through the body to distribute energy to different parts. 

Kundalini yoga practice is a sure way to have more control over your life and awaken the energy and power within you. Many techniques may involve in each Kundalini yoga session, including breathing, stretching, dancing, running, jumping, meditating, chanting, and so on. A typical class lasts for 90 minutes that may include some warm-up sessions, then the work out (kriya) session, and finally, meditation. 

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is designed in a way that can provide complete body awareness thanks to poses and breathing. Pranayama, along with the yogic locks of energy, is useful to release, direct, and control the flow of Kundalini energy. The major benefits of Kundalini yoga can be listed as follows.

More power

By the practice of Kundalini yoga, you can experience more power within you. This power or boost in the energy level will allow you to face each day and its many problems with a strong presence of mind and determination. It can help you to find more opportunities. The strengthening of the inner energies makes your presence more visible by others. If you are a leader in any way, your command will increase, and you can face situations and handle problems more successfully than before.  

Clarity of mind

Kundalini yoga practice may give you a clear mind and better inspiration towards life. A well-practiced Kundalini yoga session is very much helpful before taking some important decisions of your life or when the situations demand from you for new ideas and initiatives. 

Communal Support

If you practice Kundalini yoga in a group class, the people around you will provide a constructive impact and positive vibrations that may boost your energy level. This will be helpful for you to handle the stressful situations from work or any other life situations. 

Make you more ready to face life

Human life is full of unexpected situations and events. We have no assurance that each day may happen according to our plan.  Some people feel restless if many things are happening consecutively against their plan. Kundalini yoga will enable you to face such situations. It will make you spontaneous and ready to face anything. 

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