Anusara Yoga

Anusara Yoga, otherwise known as “Yoga of the Heart” was founded in the first half of the 1990’s by John Friend. Based on the general principles of the alignment of the human body, it was developed as an asana. Anusara Yoga begins with three ohms followed by three chants in Sanskrit. Its practice is carefully timed and well organized. After a scandal, the founder and many Gurus of Anusara yoga resigned from the organization. But some are still following this style without the label of Anusara Yoga. It is useful to gain body fitness and flexibility along with physical strength and balance. It is a good exercise for energizing your mind and soul.

Goal of Anusara Yoga

The main intention of Anusara Yoga is to align our human self with the Divine Power. It can be obtained by the practice of the three A’s.

Approach: – It is the awakening of the heart and transforms it as the foundation of Yoga practice with the aim to converge yourabilities with the Divine Power.

Alignment: – It is the knowledge of the association between different parts of one’s self. 

Action: – It is the spontaneous flow of a persons’ energy that leads to joy and steadiness. 

Benefits of Anusara Yoga

As it is common after a Yoga session, you will obtain inner peace, additional strength as well as pliability. By means of the deeper focus on the five principles, namely Openness towards Grace, Internal Spiral, External Spiral, Energy of the Muscles and Organic Energy Anusara Yoga provides a more thorough focus on body Composition. 

Is Anusara Yoga for everyone?

Anusara Yoga is a simple and soothing style of Yoga Practice based on well thought out approaches. Its themes may often get interloped with the mind and the actions might be taken in the physiological level. It is filled with a lot of directions as practiced often in a high intellectual level. It is well focused on the anatomy and gives more stress to the Hindu stories than in an average Yoga class. Anusara Yoga instructors are well informed to help in case of a physical injury happen during the practice.

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