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Yoga for health benefits

Yoga works


Yoga works not only like a normal training but has impressive and multifarious positive effects on body and mind. The students train strength, endurance, flexibility and equilibrium sense. Moreover they relax the muscular, skeletal, glandular, cardio-vascular and nervous system. Many people feel also a calming and balancing effect which helps them to lower their stress level, concentrate better and master easier the requirements of daily life. In the course of time the perception of the own body and the environment gets finer and the meditation helps to reflect the own life, change things and increase quality of life. Yoga is an excellent practice and philosophy to achieve your full potential, and can bring you ultimately to a state of deep peace and bliss. A plenty of reasons to use Yoga for health benefits, too.


Knowing how yoga works it doesn´t surprise that it can alleviate physical and psychological illnesses. It´s proved that yoga can improve many different diseases like back pain, chronic headache, hormone dysfunction, circulatory disorder and depression. However yoga needs to be practiced continuously to recognize all these awesome effects of Yoga for health benefits. Furthermore it is recommended to practice with a qualified yoga teacher to avoid an overwork or the incorrect performance of the asanas. Here on Yoga on holiday we list the best yoga teachers worldwide who take care of you during your practice.

The basics for a pleasant Yoga class 

The most important is to be happy with yoga and enjoy your practice. Therefore it´s important to feel good with the yoga teacher, yoga style and location of practice. There are so many different styles, levels and schools that it is worth to try and decide what suits best for your needs and condition.


Because of the stretching and physical exercise it is recommendable to wear elastic clothes which are pervious to air, so that you can feel comfortable. At the end of a yoga class often a meditation takes place. After the physical practice you could feel cold and it´s nice to have socks and a light jacket to feel comfortable during the meditation. If you have generally cold feet you can use anti-slip socks during the yoga class. If you prefer to have your own yoga mat, it´s important to have a skidproof one of good quality, made of natural material. It will keep you grounded and does not smell unpleasant. The best time of the day for a yoga class is at the beginning or at the end of a day and you should not practice with a full stomach because this could make you feel sick.


If you want to practice yoga at home you should find a place where you feel well and get not disturbed. Perhaps you like to decorate it with candles, flowers, pictures, pillows and a blanket – feel free and create a space where you can totally enjoy yourself. To fill your lungs with free oxygen, open the windows before you start your yoga practice and check the temperature in the room to not feel cool.


If you are thinking about a yoga retreat not knowing which style is the best for you, it could help you to go and try the options in yoga schools nearby. This way you get the chance to experience a yoga class and perhaps find a place to continue with yoga after your yoga retreat.
Here on Yoga on holiday we offer many different yoga styles and levels so you can find easily the perfect Yoga retreat for you.



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