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Yoga and nutrition

The choice of food and the way how it is eaten are very important to yogis. Already 600 years BC yogis detected that food and herbs have a special basic property (called guna) which has a certain influence on our condition and emotions. That is why Yoga and nutrition should be seen as a unit with a view to better health. Some food makes you tired, others nervous or restive and others just let you feel good. Therefore Yogis try to select just foods for healthy eating which helps them to live a more qualitative life. The idea is to get energy of the food and use it to evolve mind and body to reach higher states of awareness.


The science of Yoga divides three categories of food - sattvic, rajasic and tamasic food. Subsequent you find some examples for these three types:


  1. Sattvic food: cereals, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, honey and herbal tea
  2. Rajasic food: fish, meat, fast food, coffee, tea, chocolate, root vegetables and seasonings
  3. Tamasic food: eggs, pork, alcohol, vinegar, spoiled and fermented food
Tamasic food should not be consumed because it produces toxic products and gases in the body and an excretion of bad smells. Rajasic food should be avoided thus it is very hard to digest and many waste products are agglomerated. As conclusion to these body reactions it is recommended to eat just sattvic food for healthy eating if possible. This type of food helps people to feel comfortable and balanced because it is energetic and easy to digest. It should be prepared with little spices and in a gentle way to conserve the ingredients.


According to the way of eating the food, the science of Yoga also recommend several points you follow. First of all you should try to concentrate just on the food and be thankful for it. Second it is suggested to eat slowly and chew the food well to make the digestion even easier. Other advices are not to fill your stomach completely and not to eat when you feel angry, tense or anxious. Finally Yoga encourages a vegetarian nutrition.


Perhaps you will not feel able to apply all these suggestions for the combination of Yoga and nutrition. Especially food is a form of well-being and expression and the foods for healthy eating are not always the most attractive for many people. The participation in Yoga holidays could be a good idea to learn more about foods for healthy eating and change your routine. In many hotels, retreat centres or ashram that offer Yoga holidays vegetarian and organic food is served. You can enjoy new tastes and dishes to get jummy inspirations for your cooking at home. We are sure that if you try to follow just some of these principles you will already note a difference. Maybe this makes you integrate some more points into your normal day life.
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victor moran ortega
2013-12-09 23:27:36
la idea es magnifica para conocer el mundo espiritual y esta dentro de la filosofia Yoga

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