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Vini Yoga

Vini Yoga was founded by the famous Sri. T. Krishnamacharya and enhanced by his son T.K.V. Desikachar. Krishnamacharya is one of the most impressive yoga teachers of the 20th century and has influenced Yoga deeply. Therefore he is also known as the father of modern yoga. With his qualifications as ayurvedic healer, scholar and yoga teacher Krishnamacharya put all his knowledge together and used it to cure sick people. This explains why one of the basic ideas of Vini Yoga is the adaptation to the individual needs and conditions of every student. Therefore it is often taught privately and enables also persons with injuries or illnesses to practice Vini Yoga. Teachers of this yoga style have a very good education and know how to deal with physical dysfunctions. Because of its success this yoga style is increasingly used in therapies. It coordinates breath with postures and movement to create a gentle flow and is supplemented with chanting, meditation and the philosophy of Patanjali. Mostly being very gentle, Vini Yoga can also be more challenging, if the participant is healthy. In yoga retreats of this yoga style the participants can develop a higher respect for their bodies and learn how to adapt yoga to their personal needs.


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