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Luna Yoga

Luna Yoga was developed by Adelheid Ohlig in 1983 as yoga style which is harmonized with the individual needs of women. In 1971 the dancer Aviva Steiner discovered that determined movements affect the menstrual cycle. This detection inspired Adelheid Ohlig to create Luna Yoga as a combination of dance with yoga, tantra, ayurveda, traditional moves from tribes around the world, acupuncture and psychosomatic medicine. She configured a yoga style which works especially on the basin region and keeps well and fit the sexual organs. The continuous practice can resolve dysfunctions of the sexual organs and promote creativity. Corresponding to the name of this yoga style astrology and especially the moon and its movements are also implicated and show the permanent change of things. Adelheid Ohlig and the yoga teachers certified by her offer a lot of Yoga retreats throughout the year that will inspire your feminity.


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