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ISHTA Yoga (Integral School of Hatha Yoga and Tantric Arts) was created by Alan Finger and his father, Kavi Yogi Sivananda Mani Finger. This yoga style stands for the integrated science of Hatha Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda, and the Sanskrit word “ishta” means individual or personal. ISHTA Yoga contains the asanas of Hatha Yoga, the yogic theory of tantra (with mantras, pranayama, meditation, chakras, pranas and the ultimate goal of Samadhi) and ayurveda for the balancing of external and internal body. Alan Finger contributed in the writing of several books that can be helpful as instruction for different practice levels. The students of this Yoga style are encouraged to find their own blend of poses, breathing and meditation techniques that bring out their highest potential. Furthermore the practice includes slow movement as well as challenging series. If you haven´t practiced this yoga style yet, yoga retreats could be a great chance to do so… Alan Finger itself does Yoga retreats and satsangs sometimes to compare his knowledge with others.


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