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Forrest Yoga

Ana Forrest developed this yoga style when she was working through her own healing (e.g. epilepsy, bulimia). Forrest Yoga lives a lot of the personality of Ana Forrest and the way of her graceful, acrobatic, dance-like yoga presentations. Her yoga style is famed as an intensely physical and internally focused practice that aims to heal psychic wounds. The practice encourages students to attain their whole being and to use Forrest Yoga for finding and then cleansing the emotional and mental blockades that dictate and limit their lives. The challenging asana sequences strengthen the body, release suppressed emotions and build heat to purify the body through sweating out toxins. In yoga retreats of this yoga style you can work on personal problems and destroy blockades in a peaceful environment far away from home. Special attention is normally paid to abdominal work and breathing and Ana Forrest tries to prevent ailments due to our lifestyle through traditional, modified or new poses. Last but not least you can recover your spirit with Forrest Yoga by being your authentic self again.


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