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Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga is a yoga style which denotes the spiritual practice of fostering loving devotion to God or supreme consciousness in any of the forms. It may be Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Lord Rama, Krishna or a Guru. The word “bhakti” is derived from the word “bhak” which signifies “to be attached to God”. It is a very old yoga style and can be traced back to the sacred Hindu text named the Vedas. Its characteristics make this yoga style ideal for yoga retreats where you can immerse totally into the practice. Persons who are interested in practicing Bhakti Yoga should have a strong emotional bond with their object of devotion because the energy is directed to this object. They learn to feel and live their emotions instead of suppressing them and that brings them a purification of inner self. The highest aim of Bhakti Yoga is to become one with the object of devotion and reach a state of self realization. The adoration can take different forms, for example the repetition of mantras in mind and word, or singing together religious songs.  


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