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The vision of Yoga on holiday is simple but nevertheless a big challenge. We wish the website to be worldwide the most popular and mostly used one for Yoga retreats around the world. Therefore Yoga on holiday offers the best Yoga Retreats worldwide with awarded Yoga centers and famous teachers. The satisfaction of the providers of Yoga retreats and the Yoga fans has top priority to us and for this, we offer an excellent service. All users of the website should have fun using it and should be able to publish and find Yoga retreats in an easy and quick way. Therefore it doesn´t matter what idea you´ve got for your holidays – we promote a spiritual Yoga ashram the same way than a lovely Yoga Center or a luxury hotel – it´s just up to you to make your decision.


Furthermore Yoga on holiday is already planning several extensions for the website which will be realized gradually. Thereby we put no limits on our creativity to get the best results and we are very sure that you will like our ideas. It’s worthwhile to be curious about everything we have devised for you.  


Last but not least we would like to mention that in a long term we want to support social projects more than already today. If you have any suggestions, just let us know.   


Now go and check out the world of Yoga retreats – find your favorite Yoga Center or Yoga Ashram here at Yoga on holiday.


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