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Travel philosophy

Yoga on holiday offers great Yoga Retreats worldwide. Enjoy the wonderful combination of discovering other cultures, calming down far away from every day’s life in a Yoga center or Yoga ashram and of course vitalizing and relaxing your body with Yoga and meditation. Many people who go on Yoga retreats feel a deeper going and longer lasting recreation than from normal vacations and this is undoubted the effect of the integrated Yoga and meditation classes. Due to the fact that most accommodations are located in beautiful landscapes, often secluded and quiet, the benefit is even bigger. This type of holiday provides to many people the unique opportunity to immerse totally into the world of Yoga and meditation, practicing it every day up to several hours. They perceive the changes of body and spirit, besides they are pleased with the made progress and feel fine in their bodies. Furthermore they love the familiar atmosphere you find in a Yoga Center or Yoga Ashram and the interchange in the groups – with people who share similar interests.


Many of the providers of Yoga retreats, the owners of a Yoga Center or a Yoga Ashram and also the Yoga fans have a very sensitive grasp for their connection with the environment and treat the locals with respect and on equal terms. They are pleased with new impressions and consider nature as valuable and worth to be protected. Openness and tolerance make an interesting interchange possible, revive the senses and perhaps sometimes make people think over their habits and points of view.


Because of these reasons Yoga on holiday wants to carry out this type of holiday into the world and give more and more people the possibility to discover and enjoy this fantastic combination of Yoga and holiday as enrichment for their lives.


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