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The best Yoga style to lose weight

The best Yoga style to lose weight

Although the main aspects of Yoga are very far away from the goal of losing weight, this has been an often discussed topic and there are even books and DVDs about it. In my opinion it doesn´t really matter why people start with Yoga, because I´m pretty sure that they will discover with the time all the beautiful and holistic aspects of this wonderful practice.

So which style is the best? Actually there are several ones and it depends on your personal preferences. There are the types that are fast, powerful and demanding like Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga. Just consider that you have to be experienced with the Yoga poses to reach a level where you can practice in a way that helps you to lose weight and burn lots of calories. The other possibility is to stimulate your metabolism through the movements and heat of Bikram Yoga. Perhaps this style is not as fast as Ashtanga or Power Yoga but the combination of heat and practice is excellent. So you have the choice which type you want to choose and experience.

But be aware that the practice alone will not help you to maintain a lower weigth permanently. That´s the same as with all the other exercises – if you still want to see Yoga like this – it´s just one side of the coin. The amazing thing about Yoga is its holistic philosophy that includes among other things the nutrition. You will come back to a natural body intelligence, eating healthier and just when you are hungry. You will start to accept your body, relax yourself and stop seeing your body as an enemy you have to fight. 

So where to start with losing weight and changing your life? Go on a Yoga holiday! Honestly it´s a great way to immerse into an intensive Yoga practice, enjoy jummy vegetarian food and leave behind old, impedimental habits. Here you find an overview of our inspiring Yoga retreats worldwide.

Vegetarians live longer than Meat-Eaters

Vegetarians live longer than Meat-Eaters

Is that possible? Thinking of all the persons who are not becoming tired to tell me that a veggie nutrition is not healthy, that I´m surely suffering deficiency, that my body needs meat… I should be almost dead ;-) Here are the good news – I´m alive and quite healthy as my doctor attests me ;-)

The fantastic results of the study are:

Vegetarians live longer than meat-eaters!!!

Vegetarians suffer less deadly heart disease than meat-eaters!!!

Vegetarians get less killed by diabetes and kidney failure!!!

Is that great or what???

The study got published last Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine, a Journal of the American Medical Association. More than 73.000 people were tracked for almost 6 years to see how the difference of eating or not eating meat effects our health.

Obviously it´s not enough to eliminate meat of your menu if you want to eat healthy. Vegetarian food can also have too much sugar or fat. Make sure that your nutrition is varied and based in lots of fresh vegetables, salads & fruit as well as foods that are high in fiber.

If you want to read more about the study:


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LAST MINUTE Offers for May

LAST MINUTE Offers for May

You would love to go on holiday and still didn´t make any reservation? Then you should check these wonderful yoga retreats and get your space now!


SUPER LAST MINUTE in sunny Andalusia with Detoxing at 11th May:

Yoga Retreat in Spain at Suryalila


Detox Yoga at the romantic Algarve in South Portugal at 19th May:

Portugal Yoga Retreat with Diana Jost in the Monte Velho Eco Resort


Yoga and Meditation with two great ladys in the idyllic landscape of Andalusia at 18th May:

Yoga holiday in Spain with Esther Ekhart and Esther Teule at the Suryalila


Enjoy looking through the lovely retreats and have a great weekend!

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