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Swami Sivananda explains how to spend your holiday

What`s your idea of a real vacation? You might imagine yourself in a setting full of endless beaches, sun and lots of fun activities with friends or just doing nothing. This can be the perfect vacation for most of us! But what if I tell you that there is a person who seems to have the key for spending your holiday in a more beneficial way? Swami Sivananda gave us already many years ago several tools for a good and enjoyable time on vacation! In 1939 he wrote a book called “Easy steps to Yoga” in which he exposed some ways to spend your vacation immersing in the Yoga practice. So did we just forget about his words or have never heard them before.


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Where are Yoga classes really needed?

Have you picture yourself giving a Yoga class in a dangerous area of your city? Or in an organization for people with violence problems? Or even in prison?  These questions lead us to investigate how Yoga can help people with drug problems, suffering from sexual or alcohol abuse, traumatization etc. and how to start to call their attention to begin with Yoga.


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Discover Aerial Yoga for you

Would you like to experience zero gravity and at the same time realize mental and physical benefits??? If your answer is yes, Aerial Yoga might be the perfect option for you!

Aerial Yoga (also called Air Yoga) offers you the possibility to become flexible and helps you to relieve muscle tension. You achieve physical strength with different positions and increase your blood circulation. The hammock or special construction (photo) you use in this type of Yoga hangs from the ceiling supporting your body weight.


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Yoga practice for blind people

At thinking in Yoga classes we always picture an instructor and the participants copying all his movements, right?? But what if a blind person would like to practice Yoga? Well, a normal Yoga class might be almost impossible or at least very frustrating. But now technology is on the side of those with debility of sight! A real invention that will help all of them to start or improve their Yoga practice!


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Go on Costa Rica Yoga Retreats in rainy season

costa rica yoga retreatsBeautiful, totally green, tropical flowers everywhere, the sun is not as intensive as normally – that´s Costa Rica in the rainy season, that mainly takes place at the Pacific coastfrom August to October.

The first shafts of sunlight welcome the dozy eyes in the morning and makes you start the day in a good temper. Later refreshing clouds appear in the sky and in the afternoon the daily downpour cleans everything… Afterwards the air smeels wonderfull, the sky is gloriously blue again, the sun is shining and also you will feel a little bit clearer and more relaxed. The temperatures are kindly in these months and it´s never nippy.


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