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Discover Aerial Yoga for you

aero yoga 2Would you like to experience zero gravity and at the same time realize mental and physical benefits??? If your answer is yes, Aerial Yoga might be the perfect option for you!

Aerial Yoga (also called Air Yoga) offers you the possibility to become flexible and helps you to relieve muscle tension. You achieve physical strength with different positions and increase your blood circulation. The hammock or special construction (photo) you use in this type of Yoga hangs from the ceiling supporting your body weight.

aero yogaExperience with the zero gravity a sense of peace and freedom never felt before hanging down and relaxing! Your body adapts to this practice in air and becomes more and more familiar with it.

Among all the physical benefits of Aerial Yoga are: muscle rehabilitation, eliminating fluid retention, reducing lower back pain, regenerating and strengthening joints. Aerial Yoga helps you to relieve yourself from stress because the classes are much fun and enriching. You can improve a better relationship with yourself and others and increase your self-esteem and confidence. At first it might seem very difficult to do but that's the fun of this type of Yoga because every day you will be able to reach another position and you will begin to feel the benefits.

Dare to try Aerial Yoga, you'll be amazed what your body can do and you will feel refreshed and stronger than ever!


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