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Go on Costa Rica Yoga Retreats in rainy season

costa rica yoga retreatsBeautiful, totally green, tropical flowers everywhere, the sun is not as intensive as normally – that´s Costa Rica in the rainy season, that mainly takes place at the Pacific coastfrom August to October.

The first shafts of sunlight welcome the dozy eyes in the morning and makes you start the day in a good temper. Later refreshing clouds appear in the sky and in the afternoon the daily downpour cleans everything… Afterwards the air smeels wonderfull, the sky is gloriously blue again, the sun is shining and also you will feel a little bit clearer and more relaxed. The temperatures are kindly in these months and it´s never nippy.

Enjoy an explosion of senses, thousands of unknown pleasant fragrances are whirring in the air and it´s lots of fun to explore them. Pure nature surrounds you with its positive energy that transfers to you notelessly. It´s the perfect time for contemplation, yoga and meditation in Costa Rica in different forms. For many people the sound of pouring rain on trees and leaves is very calming and relaxing so they find easier the access to meditation and trance to dedicate themselves to an altered state of consciousness.

As we normally connect rain in our daily lifes rather with negative emotions, here in Costa Rica you´ve the chance to feel the wonderful side of rain and perhaps you would even love to dance in the rain and feel totally free… it´s really recommendable ;-)

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