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Meditation for kids

Integration in schools for a better society?

meditation for kids Probably you know the famous quote of the Dalai Lama that says If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

Does meditation really have such a power, can bring this effect? And how should these little bundles of energy meditate as concentrated and calm as adults?

 A friend of mine teaches both kids and adults and tells sometimes about the different techniques she uses for her classes. The small ones are always in action, searching for news things and adventure and it´s hard to make them sit quietly.

Meditation = sit still and focus inwards. Is that possible with kids? Normally not really… It´s already hard work for adults to stop the steady thoughts. In opinion of the psychologist Marcus Stück the brains of children under 10 aren´t even developed enough to enable meditation and breath control.

So what is the Dalai Lama looking for?

I guess that he wants to establish a sensitization in the kids for themselves and their surrounding as well as the ability for complete concentration on the present moment. And children can do that! They love short imaginary journeys which are ideally connected to sounds and rituals to create a routine. The simple coloring of a Mandala can be enough for kids to get completely focused. A great base for a meditation can also be music if you ask the kids to remember colors or feelings they connect with the melody. The possibilities are varied and the activities should not be too long to avoid excessive demands. Kids should have fun and be guided playfully into concentration / meditation, without an active effort or under compulsion.

Could that be possible in schools? In view of the periodic discussions about mobbing, brand clothes and social exclusions in schools, it seems that the place could not be better. It would be surely a big step to teach pupils from the beginning a respectful behavior between each other. And I think this is possible if there are agreements where meditation takes place (art, music, sport) and the teachers get informed about possible activities and its effects.

Daily 5-7 minutes for a change in society.

What do you think? Give us your feedback.


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